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Explore Canada™ is a travel brand created for the travel trade, as well as domestically for Canadians. Our mission is to educate visitors on Canadian & Indigenous history, combining hundreds of great experience & value added into a tremendous Fly Drive program for your clients to use when they of course... "Explore Canada".

We are in fact looking to create the largest indigenous tourism experience program in Canada having product in every province & territory.

Creating Explore Canada™ truly is a celebration of our owner's Canadian and Indigenous family history. Explore Canada has become a legacy project. 

Owner, Randy Vannatter is creating this program because he has 20+ years of experience in the tourism industry, owns the trademark Explore Canada™, and is Metis. 

We are proud that our owner is 6th. generation via Peter Fidler; a Hudson Bay Explorer/Surveyor & Mary Mackagonne; daughter of the Tribal Chief of Swampy Cree; York Factory, Manitoba married in 1794.

Explore Canada has evolved into a travel brand, expounding the merits of "Keep Exploring" which was launched as a brand by the Canadian Tourism Commission ( now Destination Canada) & its CEO Michele McKenzie in 2008. 

Years later, now with technology, this brand is ready for launch in 2020. Explore Canada™ will be both digital; a National mobile App, and also in Guidebook form, created on a regional and provincial basis. 

We believe our Explore Canada ™ series can be used as a market development tool by DMO's to increase regional and international visitor volume.  As a receptive tourism services provider, we have also found that our program builds a bridge to market between our supplier and buyers. 

With Explore Canada ™now there is a tangible way to motivate people to stop in the destination versus the traditional model of printed visitor guides that tend to work only to build awareness of the experience & destination. 

Working with regional DMO's, PMO's, Indigenous tourism associations & economic development offices, Explore Canada™ will be a top industry program that can actually drive visitor volume into the destination, and bring more indigenous product to market as well.

Our message to your company is to encourage your customers to visit Canada, then have them go out and explore!  Learn about our history, and the contributions that Indigenous people have made to make Canada so spectacular!

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