Who We Are | Our Mission

We want our members to use Explore Canada™ to Learn, Explore & Save”™

“Explore Canada” ™ is a travel program created for Canadians. Our mission is to educate those who use our program on Canadian & Indigenous history, provide them with hundreds of great experience & thousands of dollars in savings & deals.

We want you to use our tremendous Self/Fly Drive Guidebooks & new mobile App when you travel throughout Canada and of course... "Explore Canada".  

In addition, we are creating the largest indigenous tourism experience program in Canada having product in every province & territory for everyone to enjoy.

Creating Explore Canada™ truly is a celebration of our Canadian and Indigenous family history. Our ownership is Metis led, and our founder; Randy Vannatter is 6th. Generation via the union of Peter Fidler; a Hudson Bay Explorer/Surveyor & Mary Mackagonne; daughter of the Tribal Chief of Swampy Cree; York Factory, Manitoba married in 1794.

Creating a program that provides context and content on the history of where we travel, our different cultures, and great things to experience is our mission.  Saving you a few dollars doesn’t hurt as one of our goals either.

Our message to fellow Canadians is that when you go out and explore our great country, enjoy learning about your history, and the contributions that Indigenous people and those that have come before, have made to make Canada the greatest country in the world.